Walk Through Your Floor Plans 
1×1 Scale.

Don’t wait until you start building, only to discover you need to revise your plans. Save yourself time and costly changes by touring your plans in full scale at SCLD.


We Provide Scaled Walk-throughs of 

Your Future Vision

Whatever construction or renovation project you have planned, you want to make sure you get it right the first time. We help you see your vision at scale, giving you the opportunity to walk through and make any changes needed. Don’t lose time and money later, get it right the first time with SCLD.   

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Save Time & Costs

SCLD blueprint

Experience Your Vision at Scale

SCLD floor plan changes

Make Changes Right Away

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Show Your Clients Their Future


Understand first build after.


For all your home renovations and construction projects, bring your family and professionals to explore your plans before you begin.


Whether you are an architect, real estate developer or a contractor giving your client a 1×1 scale tour of your plans will guarantee that your project will meet all the expectations.


Crucial to all industrial space is knowing how to best utilize the space available. SCLD allows you to tour the space before construction begins.

How it Works

Let’s walk you through the SCLD process


Reach Out to Us

Contact us to discuss your future building plans, whether residential, commercial, or industrial.


Walk Through Your Plans

You will then walk through your future space, scaled to the exact measurements of your floor plans. 


Send Us Your Plans

By sending us your plans ahead of time we will be sure to have your space ready to walk through live.


Make Changes on the Spot!

Now that you have experienced your plans in actual size, you can make changes quickly and easily. 


Get In touch.

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For You

We are excited that you have chosen to improve and renovate your current layout and design. We are very eagre and excited, therefore to show you just how easy making changes can be, when you first walk through your floor plans in full scale of the final product.


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